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We serve in the listed below services, and we are constantly expanding more in our list.

  • dry cleaning

    Launder &

  • wash and fold


  • hang and dry


Our Features

  • Save Your Time

    Save Your Time

    You can select multiple services or products in a single run.

  • Easy To Use

    Easy To Use

    You can see multiple services or products that you want to be served in a single platform.

  • High Quality

    High Quality

    The service providers serves you the best service.

  • Scheduling Flexibility

    Scheduling Flexibility

    You can schedule your service as per your flexibility by choosing from the time slots provided.

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How It Works

  • 01
    Select the type of Product or Service you want to take. Then click on "PROCEED”.
  • 02
    Add pick-up and delivery details. Delivery details can be the same as the pick-up's. We are flexible!
  • 03
    Schedule the order as per the time slots available.
  • 04
    Click on review to review the order and place the order!

About Us

LaunderStation is actively involved in achieving and supporting Vision 2030.

We bring convenience to the laundry industry and anticipate growth in the GCC & MENA areas. We aim to set the standard with our brand and style of business.
We are committed to excellence, full stop. We are devoted to our customers and participate in community activities at the local level. At the national level, we support Vision 2030 and position ourselves as stakeholders in this great enterprise.
Everybody benefits from cleanliness. Cleanliness is an essential part of Faith, as the Prophet said. We believe that by investing in clean people in a clean society, we can make laundry easier and more enjoyable for everybody. Clean people are happy people!
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We  Can help!

LaunderStation is a place where you can launder and dry clean your clothes. We can satisfy all your garment needs. We offer Launder & Fold, Launder & Hang Dry, and Launder & Press/Dry Clean. We can do slight repairs for buttons, Zippers and torn fabric. Typically, our agent picks-up the dirty clothes from your location and delivers them clean back to you.

All delicates and undergarments including polyester and spandex.

This can be done by visiting our website, or by downloading our app.

Via our app, by using your credit card or MADA debit card. For peace of mind and to save money, we encourage all customers to enroll in monthly or annual plans.

Any wool or silk or natural fabrics. Jackets, coats and some uniforms should be dry cleaned.

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